How much will a Virtual Data Room cost?

Virtual data rooms open up a lot of advantages for users: this is the security of information storage, instant synchronization, and environmental friendliness. However, you have to pay for quality services. How much will the services of a virtual data room for business cost – read on.

Cost of virtual data rooms

Whichever product you choose; manufacturers provide a demo to test the service. Usually, the period of its use is a month. During this time, you will have to find out how suitable this particular service is for you and whether you are ready to use it in the future.

Then you are prompted to choose one or another tariff. The services provided will vary depending on the tariff. Usually, the cost starts from 15-25 dollars per month. Many virtual data rooms provide prices only on demand to attract customers to communicate with managers.

In large corporations, the cost of a virtual data room can reach $500-1000 or more. They have huge opportunities that a small business simply does not need.

Key tasks of the virtual data room

Even if you choose the most budget-friendly option for a data room, it can perform the following tasks.

Working with data inside the room and labeling documents

The virtual data room has long ceased to be just a means of storing and delivering documents. Modern solutions, as a rule, offer their built-in viewers for documents placed in the room data directly in the browser. Let’s look at how this protection component is implemented in it.

It is no secret that there is no effective means of preventive protection of documents from screenshots, for example, from a smartphone camera. However, some tools can greatly simplify the procedure for investigating incidents related to unauthorized use or publication of a document. One such means is watermarking with information about the recipient of the document. Watermarks can be visible or hidden.

Loading a document in a DRM container

If you think that the built-in capabilities of the data room are not enough to work with documents, you can use DRM-protected modules. If this option is available, the document owner is free to decide who and how can interact with the content in the document. Also, the author of the document can independently determine who has or does not have the right to encapsulate the document.

Importing and exporting documents

Document marking tools do not provide an additional layer of protection, but greatly simplify the investigation of incidents related to the copying and publication of documents. The Virtual Data Room allows the classification of documents with the possibility of applying the corresponding permanent watermarks. The virtual data room should have built-in tools for viewing documents placed in it directly in the browser, without the need to install third-party software on the devices of external users.

Document Protection

When discussing ways to protect documents in a data room, it should be kept in mind that file-sharing implies the ability to upload documents with changes made to them by an external user back in the data room. There may be additional risks associated with the fact that an external user tries to download files by connecting to an insecure network where attackers listen in on the traffic.


How much does a virtual data room cost?